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Product managers, business analysts, and user experience designers use iRise to collaborate seamlessly on requirements and prototypes.

✔  Assemble interactive prototypes in minutes

✔  Capture requirements directly within the prototype

✔  Generate documentation instantly

✔  Publish online and collect meaningful feedback 

✔  Work together in realtime from anywhere

✔  Measure your progress with detailed analytics

✔  Integrate with all major ALM platforms

Get insight into process, engagement, and compliance metrics to optimize the requirements process.


Assemble interactive prototypes and diagrams in minutes to elicit and validate requirements

Seamless integration

Rapid Prototyping

Online reviews & feedback

The #1 Requirements and Design Platform

Capture requirements and specifications for each screen and UI element directly within the prototype. 

Stakeholders can comment directly on requirements, screens, and individual UI elements.

Integrated Requirements

Powerful analytics

Export screens, diagrams, and requirements into documents that you can customize to meet your specific needs.

Keep all of your user stories, requirements, mockups, wireframes, prototypes, and process flows in sync.

Instant documentation

Stakeholders experience requirements and stories instead of just reading them. They can then document and give feedback directly within the prototype. It's efficient and creates true understanding.



"We estimate that iRise saves us 20-25% off the design phase, which is a huge expense reduction. So not only are we building the right product but we’re doing it faster and better."

— Gary Hoberman, Executive Vice President at MetLife

Clear requirements and validated prototypes accelerate every stage of application development.

When you use prototyping to communicate, stakeholders engage and provide the right feedback.

Slash requirements time in half

Reduce rework up to 75%

Cut overall project costs up to 30%

Collaborative prototyping helps you find missed requirements and design issues early.

The unspoken reality in software development is that most software projects are late, over budget, or fail to meet business objectives. The most common factor for software project failures is poor requirements. 

iRise’s requirements definition and prototyping platform helps teams define, communicate, and validate requirements in a visual and interactive way that’s dramatically more effective and efficient than traditional requirements methods.

There's a better way

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