iRise is the only solution that combines best-in-class prototyping with integrated requirements management, real-time collaboration and ALM tool integrations - in a secure, enterprise-grade platform.

Prototyping. Integrations. 

Stories. Requirements. 

All in one!

✔  Create interactive prototypes in minutes

✔  Capture requirements and user stories directly within the prototype

✔  Generate documentation instantly

✔  Publish online and collect meaningful feedback 

✔  Import existing webpages as iRise prototypes!

Integrate with all major ALM platforms (Jira, TFS, VersionOne...)

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Quickly build responsive wireframes & prototypes

You'll use interactive widgets and custom libraries to quickly build your mockups. To create responsive behavior, select the breakpoints, layout and margin settings, and that widget will behave accordingly. 

You've found a better way to define and design software!

Our unique approach works -  combining prototyping with requirements management allows stakeholders to interact with and validate business requirements before you commit to building them. Eliminate missed requirements and user stories (i.e. rework), and build the right software now.

Customizable widget libraries

Use iRise widget libraries and page templates or create your own. 

Interactions, Data and Logic

Add navigation, media, rich interactions, business logic, and sample data.

Mobile device review

Create realistic mobile prototypes and run them directly on the iPhone or iPad.

Integrated user story & requirements management

Prototyping alone isn't enough. You need to marry it with traditional text-based documentation. From detailed functional specifications, to User Stories and Epics - the information you capture is fully customizable to the way your team works.

Capture requirements & stories within the screens they describe

Stakeholders experience requirements and stories instead of just reading them.  They can then document and give feedback directly within the prototype. It's efficient and creates true understanding.

Integrate with the great ALM tools you already use

Tools like JIRA automatically link stories to a prototype of the them in iRise, giving teams a more complete picture of what to build or how to test. They also keeps all attributes (description, conversations, priority, due date, story points, etc.) in sync.

Be Agile (or Kanban, or...)

Create a Scrum or Kanban view when development begins, assign tasks and manage the process.

Real-time collaboration!

Work on the same screens at the same time - see each other's changes and feedback as they happen.  

World class, live support

Really! Our live support team is there to help you get the most out of iRise. Access them directly from the app.

Why build from scratch? Use our exclusive Web Importer tool to import existing website pages as prototypes. You can import pages as a single image screenshot or as editable iRise widgets!

Import existing web pages as prototypes!

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"We estimate that iRise saves us 20-25% off the design phase, which is a huge expense reduction. So not only are we building the right product but we’re doing it faster and better."

— Gary Hoberman, Executive Vice President at MetLife

Slash requirements time in half

When you use prototyping to communicate, stakeholders engage and provide the right feedback.

Reduce rework up to 75%

Collaborative prototyping helps you find missed requirements and design issues early.

Cut overall project costs up to 30%

Clear requirements and validated prototypes accelerate every stage of application development.

Proven results have a dramatic impact on your process

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